Waiver and Release Form for 2024

Before You Request the Form:

    • Obtain your group’s REG ID from your Student Pastor or Group Leader before opening the link below. The REG ID is required to complete the form.

    • This form is best viewed on a computer using updated browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Firewalls, wifi filters or VPN’s (at businesses, churches, schools) may prevent this form from functioning correctly. Sometimes opening the link below in an incognito or a private window can be helpful.

Click HERE to request the 2024 Waiver and Release

Choose Form Delivery Method:

Once all fields are filled out, select 1 of the 3 options to request your unique link to complete and sign the waiver and release.

    • 1. Email – receive a link from Airslate valid for 24 hours

    • 2. Text – receive a text message with link to Airslate valid for 24 hours

    • 3. The Checkbox will create a link (valid for 2 hours) to complete the waiver now. This option is not recommended if you have a slow internet connection.

Instructions for Completing the Form Fields:

    • Once you click the button above, you’ll have several fields of information you’ll need to fill out before you can proceed. All Fields are required:

    • • Registration ID: This will come from your group leader

    • • Attendee Legal Name: Enter the legal first name

    • • Attendee First Name: First name attendee goes by – this will be used for the attendee’s name tag

    • • Attendee Last Name: Enter the legal last name for the attendee

    • • Gender: Male or Female

    • • Attendee Grade: Grade completed for the 2023/2024 school year. If College or older, select “Adult”

    • • T-shirt Size: There may be some situations where our staff packs shirts for your group leader. This does not guarantee shirt sizes.

    • Once you’ve received your custom link to Airslate, complete all required and applicable fields. Click Complete (sometimes the cursor bounces back to the top, click Complete again).