Updated July 1, 2022

Camp is on, and our team is preparing for 2022. The summer of 2021 was able to happen because of the COVID guide and the way church leaders and campers worked with camp staffers to stay safe and healthy. The Camps COVID Task Force includes the managers from all areas of Lifeway camps.


2022 Student Life Kids Camp COVID Guide
There are no known safety restrictions in place at any of our Student Life Camp sites. We’ll note any safety requirements from local guidelines when we are made aware of them.

We remain committed to providing the camp experience you have come to expect from us. As we did for 2021, we will monitor and submit to the requirements of local guidelines and campus requirements at the locations where camps are hosted.

We will not require masks – unless required by local guidelines. CDC-approved face coverings are recommended if you are immuno-compromised.

Health screening is important prior to camp, but we’ve removed the extra health screening form for summer 2022. More information about pre-camp screening and planning can be found in our COVID Guide for Camps in April.


2022 Cancellation Policy


Weather, Health, and National Disaster Cancellation Policy

We are always committed to hosting planned camps and events as scheduled. Simultaneously, your group’s safety is our priority. If circumstances beyond the control of either party including dangerous weather conditions, COVID-19, or national disaster make hosting a planned event illegal, impossible, or irresponsible and we cancel the event, we will refund your deposits and final balance, if they have been paid. If you cancel your registration on your own, we will not be able to refund your deposits.